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STAR98 (WQLH) Advertising Information

Are you interested in putting STAR98 (WQLH) to work for your business? There are multiple opportunities available to advertise and market your business on STAR98 (WQLH). Much more than “ads” on the radio, Cumulus offers opportunities for event sponsorship, sports marketing, Web-based sales and e-commerce.

STAR98 (WQLH) is a proud member of the Cumulus Media group of radio stations. We can partner with our sister stations in Appleton/Oshkosh & Green Bay to create a marketing campaign that is on target for the needs of your business. You’ll find no “cookie cutter” packages with us, we dig deep to find out what you really want, what you really need!  

EVERY business can afford to advertise on radio!

We offer free commercial production. Let us show you how we can GROW your Business!  To find out more, In Green Bay contact Lori Goldapske at 920-393-4320 or email [email protected]


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