STEVE & LAURA:  Rest in Peace, Mr. Fuzzybottoms

STEVE & LAURA:  Plane Friend Lesson

STEVE & LAURA:  After game aftermath

STEVE & LAURA: Countdown to Storming Area 51

STEVE & LAURA:  She’d make a terrible nurse

STEVE & Laura:  Email Dilemma- Changing Your Sheets

STEVE & LAURA: The plague is spreading through the studio.

STEVE & LAURA:  Married By McKenna

STEVE & LAURA:  Fantasy Football

STEVE & LAURA:  Left Handers, who knew?

STEVE & LAURA:  When your cat wants to play “The Floor Is Lava”

STEVE & LAURA:  How Not To Gain Weight (while in a relationship)

STEVE & LAURA: Karaoke Injury

STEVE & LAURA: Are you washing your face all wrong?

STEVE & LAURA:  Chili Dogs vs. Hot Fudge Sundaes

STEVE & LAURA:   Steve’s Theory on Neighbors

STEVE & LAURA:  Funniest Drive Thru Experience Ever!

STEVE & LAURA: Divorces

STEVE & LAURA:  It’s the hottest day of the year and here’s what these two idiots have planned…

STEVE & LAURA: You too!

STEVE & LAURA: Steve would make a terrible realtor!

STEVE & LAURA: The Perfect Amount of Chest Hair

STEVE & LAURA: 2019 Restaurant Week kicks off today but Steve doesn’t think he’s dressed for it

STEVE & LAURA: 2019 NFL Season Predictions

STEVE & LAURA: Worst Game Ever Challenge

STEVE & LAURA: Granny Panties are back!

STEVE & LAURA:  When Dads try to use computers

STEVE & LAURA:  How cantaloupe may end your marriage

STEVE & LAURA: If you want a better relationship, use these phrases (or maybe don’t)

STEVE & LAURA :  Laura made a “Plane Enemy”

STEVE & LAURA: Jennifer Garner’s Message for the Class of 2019

STEVE & LAURA:   A Cribbage Birthday

STEVE & LAURA: You would only want to be stuck in the wilderness with 1/2 of the morning show.  The other wouldn’t be good for survival.

STEVE & LAURA: The new Tallest, Fastest, and Longest Rollercoaster is here!

STEVE & LAURA’S LAST DATE UPDATE: Gary & Julie (and Julie’s dog)

STEVE & LAURA:  Did you diagram sentences?


STEVE & LAURA: Chicken Heads

STEVE & LAURA:  Wanna lick it?

STEVE & LAURA: Laura has a drill and some big weekend plans

STEVE & LAURA:  How do you waffle?

STEVE & LAURA:  Hot guys at the grocery store

STEVE & LAURA:  Steve makes his cheerleading debut

STEVE & LAURA: Tiger Woods won the Master’s but not everyone was happy about it on the show

STEVE & LAURA: Cloaking

STEVE & LAURA:  How gross are you?

STEVE & LAURA: Which celebrity would you most like to have a beer with?


STEVE & LAURA:  New Dictionary Words

STEVE & LAURA: Laura’s Ex Files Vol. 1

STEVE & LAURA:  Are men hardwired to enjoy the thrill of the chase?

STEVE & LAURA:  Do you always sleep on the same side of the bed or switch it up each night?

STEVE & LAURA:  What 2 words would divorce proof your marriage?

STEVE & LAURA:  Gas Station BFF

STEVE & LAURA:  New MLB stadium food

STEVE & LAURA:  Tinder Fails Vol. 1

STEVE & LAURA:  Would you like to see a credit report first before dating someone?

STEVE & LAURA:  How to explain rap music to your grandpa

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