STEVE & LAURA:  How do you waffle?

STEVE & LAURA:  Hot guys at the grocery store

STEVE & LAURA:  Steve makes his cheerleading debut

STEVE & LAURA: Tiger Woods won the Master’s but not everyone was happy about it on the show

STEVE & LAURA: Cloaking

STEVE & LAURA:  How gross are you?

STEVE & LAURA: Which celebrity would you most like to have a beer with?


STEVE & LAURA:  New Dictionary Words

STEVE & LAURA: Laura’s Ex Files Vol. 1

STEVE & LAURA:  Are men hardwired to enjoy the thrill of the chase?

STEVE & LAURA:  Do you always sleep on the same side of the bed or switch it up each night?

STEVE & LAURA:  What 2 words would divorce proof your marriage?

STEVE & LAURA:  Gas Station BFF

STEVE & LAURA:  New MLB stadium food

STEVE & LAURA:  Tinder Fails Vol. 1

STEVE & LAURA:  Would you like to see a credit report first before dating someone?

STEVE & LAURA:  How to explain rap music to your grandpa

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Voice of Hope Singing Competition with The American Cancer Society!

It’s here…..The Second Annual Voice of Hope singing competition is coming!  We’ll be at Austin Straubel International Airport on Saturday June 1st where 16 singers will be competing for the opportunity to be the “Voice Of Hope” Champion!  It starts with the singers….We have our 16 finalists that will be working and entertaining us for…MORE

Pentatonix Live at the Resch June 23rd

Yup, its true!  The worlds most popular acapella group is coming to Green Bay and we have tickets.  Congrats to our Star Winning Weekend Winner Bethany Johnson and all our other winners for our Pentatonix “Song of the Day”! they each won a pair of tickets  to see Pentatonix with special guest Rachel Platten!  Tickets…MORE

Best Seat In YOUR House Rules

WQLH “Best Seat in your house” Contest Official Rules A complete copy of these rules can be obtained at the offices of radio station WQLH (“Station”), owned and operated by Cumulus Media Holdings Inc. or one of its subsidiary companies, 810 Victoria St, Green Bay WI 54302, during normal business hours Monday through Friday or…MORE


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