How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

We are now in a Mercury Retrograde period until August 19th.    Well, according to Laura…because Steve doesn’t believe in this voodoo.

If you believe Laura, this will be a period in which communication, travel, contracts, and automobiles could be problematic.   Since Mercury is the ruler of all those things, Laura says there are ways to protect yourself from major disruption:
-Allow extra time when traveling.  Leave early and expect delays.
-Don’t sign any contracts during this period if you can help it, especially loans.  It’ll be fine to go over the fine print and work out the details, but don’t sign any final documents until at least August 20th.  
-Constantly save your projects when working on a computer.   Electronics go hay-wire during this period so expect random freezing or system failure.  It’ll happen (and it would stink to lose all your work because it wasn’t saved).

You can’t put your life on hold, obviously.   But if you are prepared for people to be a little crankier and communication (verbal, electronic, etc) to be a little jacked, you’ll be less stressed when it does happen.

Read more about Mercury Retrograde HERE.


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